ARTOSYAL M/H – Sinovidol

Artosyal: class III medical device   based on Hyaluronic Acid  for  intra-articular injections  of middle and high weight molecular 20 mg x 2 ml / 4 ml, that helps restoring the rheological conditions of joints, altered in case of degenerative or post-traumatic diseases.

Sinovidol: class III medical device based on a blend of hyaluronic acid for intra-articular injections,  whose mission is to stimulate chondrocytes as to produce elastic and reticular fibers of which cartilage is composed.

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Aesthetic Medicine

Anti Aging Products Portfolio

Proage ECM Biorepair: class III medical device with hyaluronic acid in 2ml/20mg  1 syringe designed to repair the extra cell matrix from aging and restore the physiological function of the skin.

Produktil ECM Bioregeneretor:  class III medical device based on hyaluronic acid in 2 syringes 2 ml/25 mg with amino acid and precursors. Produktil is a powerful eutrophic antiaging of connective tissue, that gives back elasticity and firmness to the skin tissue thanks to the high concentration and synergy of its components.

Profiller line

Profiller are injectable class III medical devices based on hyaluronic acid, with the lowest concentration BDDE existing.


Profiller Easy, indicated for the peribocal, periocular and small wrinkles, with a duration of 8 months.

Profiller Visage, indicated for the tunneling of nasogenian wrinkles, chin, front and cheekbones.

Profiller Lips, indicated for the lips and cupid’s bow.

Profiller Evo line

The revolution of aesthetic medicine, class III injectable medical device composed of a self-crosslinked biodegradable polymer formulated in various presentations for the treatment of different types of wrinkles.

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Innovative injectable medical device class III for treatment of Peyronie’s syndrome disease.

Uroyal dissolves the plaque, removes pain and allows to have a satisfactory sexual relationship.


Uro-gynecological solutions for bacterial infections and acting actively in epithelial tissue repair process.


Class III medical device, in two presentations, ovule and solution, for internal gynecological use.


Class III medical device, cream, for external use